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by kahli

sweet potato & caramelized apple dorayaki

Well, it's been a reeeal long time since I last wrote in both English and Japanese, (not that I had been disregarding my English speaking friends!!) but I think it's about time I'll try going back to writing in English again!! I may slack off at times but please bare with me!!

Anyway, so here's my dora yaki I made the other day. Dora yaki is a Japanese sweet with sweet red bean jam sandwiched between two sweet Japanese pancakes. I had tried making some "kintsuba", red bean jam squares with soft wheat-flour dough coating, with sweet potato & caramelized apple center, of which turned out too soft. And so, change of plans and I tried making some dora yaki with them. Since I tried making the dora yaki pancakes with the remains of the wheat-flour dough I'd prepared for the kintsuba, the pancakes turned out rather flat and frilly but I guess it wasn't bad!!
I'd wrapped some up for my hubby to bring to work to give to our friends.

I still have some apples left and so I'm planning to go about making sweet potato & caramelized apple kintsuba again. I hope it'll turn out okay next time!! Oh well, we'll see ^^ 





by kahli | 2007-11-03 01:43