an earth conscious, japan conscious life is what i wish to live・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・earth conscious, japan consciousな生活がしたいのです・・・

by kahli

dinner from june 12th

there's so many things i want to write about but i don't quite have enough time so i'll just post my dinner pics for the time being!!

so! again! from last night's dinner! nothing elaborate, just some simple stuff;

+ sauteed yellowtail with tomato caper sauce (previously cooked pasta sauce)
+ clam and celery steamed w/chinese rice wine (simple as that!)
+ bean sprout and zuccini namul
+ green salad and swiss chard dressed w/whitebait, sesame and dashi soy sauce from the day before



と言う事で、昨夜の晩御飯part 2!今回も手の込んだものは全くなく、シンプルなものばかり(ごめんよhubby~~)

+ ブリのソテー トマトケッパーソース(以前作り置きしたパスタソース)
+ アサリとセロリの紹興酒蒸し
+ モヤシとズッキーニのナムル
+ 前の晩の残りのみどりのサラダとスイスチャードの胡麻和え

by kahli | 2009-06-13 21:49