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by kahli

dinner from last night

okay, so again it's the same ol' story, yes, last night's dinner!!

with the stuff i found in my fridge, this is what i'd put together;
+ grilled salmon sushi (w/cucumber, shiso leaf and sesame)
+ pork shabu shabu salad (boiled pork slices w/lettuce, scallion, tomato, dressed w/sesame sauce)
+ clear egg soup (w/broth from boiling pork slices)
+ bean sprout and zuccini namul & clam and celery steamed w/chinese rice wine from previous dinner

our 1yr and 3mo old daughter ate the sushi but she didn't like the shabu shabu. errr!



+ 焼きシャケのちらし(きゅうり、シソ、ゴマも)
+ ゴマダレ豚シャブサラダ(ゴマダレ=tahini(練りゴマ)、鶏ガラスープ、マヨネーズ、ラー油、味噌)
+ 卵スープ(豚をしゃぶしゃぶした出汁で!)
+ 前の晩のモヤシとズッキーニのナムル、アサリとセロリの紹興酒蒸し

by kahli | 2009-06-14 23:24